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(B-ae-ya-h - My-kill-sun) The Story thus far: A Transport Steward for the Intergalactic Craft Vhirnbcas "L1", Baya will entice you to journey into timeless oddities as he presents for your amusement, curiosities as found throughout the Universe. Destined to travel for 10,000 years, this Voyage is harbored on Earth but for only a short while. If you seek answers to strange questions and adventure in unique places, experience it with the traveler and book your cabin on "L1" now (Boarding begins Aug 12 2010).

The Artist: Baya Michaelson was born Michael E. Clay on October the 17th 1974 in California. Currently in studio (EDH Studios, Northern California). For bookings and publicity inquiries, please initiate contact via www.Last.fm

Tour Postponed as of Feb 14 2010.

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